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App Academy

Retail Assist’s App Academy is an online knowledge portal, developed to manage the learning and training processes in retail.

With different modules for Retail Assist’s different applications, such as Merret, the App Academy educates users on best practice through the delivery of a series of learning courses. Users are then assessed on the courses they have taken, to provide a standard level of compliance for all members of the business. It’s an intuitive and simple e-learning tool, decreasing training costs whilst improving performance.


If you want to build confidence amongst staff and management that your retail systems are well operated according to best practices, the App Academy is the most beneficial way to do so. It works to guide new employees, prevent reoccurring mistakes in the staff base, and therefore increase operational efficiencies.


  • Can be accessed online, or on mobile and tablet devices, for on-the-go learning
  • 70+ learning modules for a complete education across all aspects of Retail Assist’s applications
  • A 100% pass mark is required during assessment to advance the learning path, so full comprehension of the material is required, setting the best standards for your business
  • Multiple choice answers remove the pressures associated with assessment
  • Controls over course allocation means that staff members only take the courses relevant to their job role, as allocated by their manager
  • Analysis tools make it easy to benchmark learning paths, measure results, and set future goals


  • COST SAVINGS: Streamlining administrative processes through an online format cuts the cost of delivering knowledge transfer in different ways. Typically, our Merret customers request knowledge transfer in some format. On average, using the App Academy reduces the costs this incurs by 75%.
  • CONVENIENCE: The online portal format removes the need to round everyone up at the same place at the same time. This is a huge advantage in the retail industry, where employees’ schedules often change from one week to the next.
  • ON-THE-GO LEARNING: The App Academy is optimised for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops. Delivering content to these devices allows learners to complete the courses at their convenience, no matter where they are. Smaller learning “bites” may also help improve retention.
  • CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE: The standardised approach ensures consistent delivery of mandated learning, along with regular assessment of the material. Automated tracking and notifications ensure that employees are keeping up with mandatory courses, and tracks certification renewal dates, therefore reducing business liability risk.
  • SIMPLIFYING: Course administration can be time-consuming and difficult, particularly in companies with multiple locations and diverse learning needs. The App Academy streamlines this administrative effort, by providing administrators with a simple tool to manage courses and learning paths, whilst they focus on strategic activities, such as assessing course effectiveness and measuring results.
  • ANALYTICS AND REPORTING: The App Academy allows businesses to collect and analyse learning data for a more complete view of course results. In addition to being able to report on learner progress and learning outcomes, reporting and analysis capabilities can point to the success of individuals, or illustrate where further training is required.
  • EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Engaged and valued employees stay within an organisation longer. The App Academy allows retailers to create development plans and provide a clear learning path for career advancement. Associated learning activities make it possible for employees to expand their knowledge and skills to achieve their career goals.


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