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Merret significantly reduces the complexity inherent in the initial allocation (pre-allocation), manual allocation and replenishment processes. This allows merchandisers to effectively ensure products are in the right place at the right time, with an accurate, simple method of allocating stock. For replenishment, click here.

Merret’s Allocation module is integrated within the merchandise management system, to ensure the most up to date product information, purchase orders and inventory figures are used.


The benefits of our allocation processes include:

  • Improved warehouse operations with allocation visibility in advance of deliveries.
  • Greater business efficiency due to faster stock processing.
  • Warehouse throughout is faster, allowing stock to be sold in stores straight away, increasing sales capability.

Pre Allocation

  • Pre-allocation removes the need for an initial put-away process during stock intake, thanks to flagged pre-allocated stock being visible within Merret’s warehouse management system. This “in-and out” process drastically reduces throughput time, allowing your stock to reach stores quicker, so that you can sell more dynamically to meet demand.
  • Replenishment parameters can be set to match allocation quantities, which also expedites the process.
  • Pre-allocation triggers are built in to Merret to improve stock accuracy, and can be user defined; for example, stock that has just been received by the warehouse must hold 90% of all sizes before the pre-allocation is triggered.

Manual Allocation

  • Manual allocation is a useful secondary process if there has been a delivery shortfall.
  • Merret has the functionality to define and recognise allocation exclusions: for example, do not allocate certain products to certain countries.
  • Allocation size ratios can be user defined, to ensure that the optimum range of sizes are allocated by store.


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