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Business Information

Having access to update and accurate business information can be a key differentiator in today’s omnichannel world. Strategic trading decisions require access to meaningful performance measures, calculated from up to date stock, sales and intake positions. With the correct information you will be able to make meaningful decisions that can help you increase the throughput of your stock and the margin you achieve.

Merret Business Information provides you with information you need to monitor your business, from audit and operational reporting, through performance monitoring, to Business Information and dashboards. Merret Business Information delivers you the following capabilities :

  • Merret Operational Reports: Basic information level detailing what is happening in the business, monitoring the health of the business at a low level to provide audit and process management and operational data.
  • Merret Performance Report: Standard Management Views, including weekly performance reports
  • Merret Board: Complete BI tool, covering business performance, and dashboard statistics.

The data provided through these systems enables full business analysis to be carried out, along with key trading decisions to increase the throughput of stock and increase margin and profitability at all stages of the supply chain.

Customers currently using Merret include