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In order to trade effectively across multiple channels in multiple time zones, supply and demand must be well balanced. The correct pricing strategy can help maximise full price sales, whilst recognising the right point to markdown, or offer promotional discounts.

Merret provides retailers with all the tools necessary to manage price changes for mark downs, simple or complex promotions, including basket based deals. Whether the promotion is based in store or designed to be active for a specific time period, or for on-line sales, Merret provides the tools to manage it. Only by managing prices in this way can retailers balance supply and demand.

Global retailing may necessitate a requirement to operate ‘timed promotions’ across different time zones, which can present challenges. With Merret, it’s global infrastructure provides the functionality to manage timed promotions whichever country you may be operating in. This providing the customer with a seamless experience which ever channel they choose to purchase, regardless of country.

Customers currently using Merret include