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Purchase Order Management

Merret’s ordering features enable retailers’ buyers to progressively build required product ranges, in constantly changing environments, to allow for the continuous throughput of stock from suppliers.

Purchase order creation

Our purchase order management system within Merret is rich with operational functionality, for efficient and cost-effective retailing.

  • The option to automatically calculate freight & duty, along with additional customisable elements, ensure that landed costs are completely accurate. Landed costs can also be broken down, for financial transparency and third party invoice matching.
  • The ability to create flexible purchase orders means there is no need to re-raise purchase orders for incomplete deliveries, as the system permits receipt of additional deliveries. Customisable safeguards are built in to this flexibility, to housekeep outstanding balances and automatically remove the associated financial commitment after a specified period.
  • Multi-drop purchase orders are also supported, allowing for large commitment agreements to be made with suppliers, and the stock phased into the business to suit your requirements.
  • Purchase order creation defaults can be set by user to expedite the process, as well as a copy function for faster processing of similar purchase orders.

Integration ability

  • Ticket and label agnostic, the system interfaces to major providers.
  • Financial commitment data can be outputted to your WSSI and to the Merret Business Intelligence pallet, driving Open-to-Buy planning for merchandisers, and forecasting future purchase orders.

Financial controls

Through our purchase order management system, experience the benefits of tighter financial controls, supporting greater profitability:

  • Via authorisation: managerial authorisation when raising purchase orders is a mandatory Merret workflow process.
  • Via budgetary spend controls: optional threshold controls can be set for buyers to prevent overspending.
  • Flexibility to include or exclude payment terms discounts from the purchase order.
  • Separate ‘stock’ and ‘commitment’ exchange tables results in more accurate commitment margins if currency is bought in advance.


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