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+44 (0)115 904 2777

Stock Management

Merret stock management enables sophisticated, in-season management of product ranges. Merchandisers are able to effectively manage complex assortments, allocating and replenishing stock, by channel. Merret significantly reduces the complexity inherent in the omnichannel grading, initial allocation and replenishment processes.

Merret’s Weekly Sales Stock and Intake (WSSI), is a vital tool for in-season planning within stock management. The WSSI tool within Merret provides an accurate weekly position of sales, stock and planned intake, ensuring that crucial allocation, replenishment and pricing decisions are made, from up to date and correct information.

With a single view of stock, inventory can be managed efficiently and effectively in real-time across multiple global retail channels, ensuring orders are always fulfilled in the most profitable way.

Customers currently using Merret include